OBC full Form

OBC full Form Other backward classes (OBC) is a collective term used by the Indian government to classify socially and educationally disadvantaged castes. Other backward classes (OBC) may be the collective term used by the Indian government to classify castes as educational or socially disadvantaged groups. The Indian central government categorizes some of its citizens into registered castes (SC), registered tribes (ST), and another backward class (OBC) based on their social status.

Other backward classes

The OBC is one of many categories of the Indian caste system. The planned caste is a sub-community in the Hindu caste system. Due to its low status, it has always faced deprivation, oppression and extreme social exclusion in India. According to the 1950 Constitution (Registered Castes), only marginalized Hindu communities can be classified as registered castes in India. Due to special regulations on castes and planned tribes, the remaining classes are called other castes/backward classes.

In the Indian Constitution, the OBC was described as a backward class in the social and educational sphere. OBC has a 27% reserve in education and public sector employment.

The OBC-class backup allowance was provided by the Credentials Commission in 1990 on the recommendation of Vice President Singh’s government. In 1990, the Credentials Commission, on the recommendation of Vice President Singh’s government, granted the right to participate in the OBC classroom. Recently, this class has been provided with reserves of up to 27% in government positions, in educational institutions and in many other government-owned enterprises across the country.

Social organizations lag behind socially and educationally compared to the higher castes or the general category. The OBC’s population is 42%, while the reserve of 27% has been provided, so to speak, to individuals. OBC’s population is 42%, while only 27% are reserved.

According to a 1980 Market Commission report, the OBC was found to cover 52% of the country’s population, and when the National Organization for Sample Surveys was formed in 2006, it was set at 41%. According to a 1980 Mandal Commission report, 52% of India’s population belonged to the OBC caste.

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